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Carbon Neutral by 2030:

During 2019, Frutícola Olmué signed a «Climate Crisis» declaration in which it acknowledged and committed to reevaluate all its business strategies for up to 10 years in accordance with the climate crisis situation. This includes specific goals, such as becoming a carbon-neutral company before 2030, reviewing our short, medium, and long-term management strategies, and applying a fair-trade approach during the transition period.

Frutícola Olmué is the first agribusiness in Chile to achieve Carbon Neutrality in its operations through a government program called «Huella Chile» (Chile Footprint Program), launched by the Chilean Environmental Ministry.


B Company:

Since 2019, we have been part of the B Company community, measuring our social and environmental impact and committing to continuous improvement. Our social-environmental purpose is at the heart of our business model. We measure and analyze five relevant areas: Corporate governance, Workers, Clients, Community, and Environment, enabling a detailed review of all of them, enhancing the triple impact.

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Clean Production Agreement (CPA):

It is a voluntary alliance that aims to improve productive and environmental conditions in terms of labor hygiene, labor safety, energy and water efficiency, emission reduction, waste recovery, good environmental practices, community relations, and other issues addressed in the agreement.




Clean Production Agreement – Blue Certificate:

Frutícola Olmué has been recognized as one of the new organizations nationwide in this public-private initiative that promotes sustainable water resource management in production and service processes. It is one of the initiatives considered in the Water Resources Adaptation Plan and mentioned in the Long-Term Climate Strategy 2050 as part of the tools to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 of Chile’s 2030 agenda. This certification has allowed us to measure and determine baseline conditions, identify critical points for management and impact mitigation, strengthen life cycle analysis, and build competencies and capabilities for water management within our organization, in accordance with ISO 14046 standards.



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