Frutícola Olmué’s commitment with the future goes beyond our product’s quality and food safety. We are currently part of the following important initiatives:

■ Carbon Neutrality to 2030: During 2019, Frutícola Olmué signed a declaration of “Climate Crisis” in which acknowledges and commits to re-evaluate all of our 10-year business plans according to the climate crisis situation. This includes specific goals such as becoming a neutral carbon footprint company before 2030, reviewing our short, mid and long-term managing strategies and applying a far trade focus during the transition time.

■ SuizAgua: Frutícola Olmué has an active role on the project “El agua nos une”. This is a private-public initiative led by the Swiss government and “Fundación Chile”. This project has the participation of Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile in the region. The goal is to achieve the efficient use of the hydric resource. For that purpose, all the companies involved are obligated to measure their use of water. Water is one of the key factors to ensure significant damages to the environment. That is why Frutícola Olmué is committed with this task in our operation plants as well as our farms.

■ Huella Chile: One of the goals of this program is to measure the carbon footprint of Frutícola Olmué. We are currently being measured on a yearly basis in order to see the results of our work.

■ Clean Production Agreement: This “Clean Production Agreement” seeks to eliminate all processes that may go against our main goals of environmentally friendly policy.

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